Happy New Year 2021!

Since I will eventually live in Europe, from now on, all of my commission prices will be in EUR (€).

Thank you for all of your support, it means a lot <3

Let's aim for better things this year :D

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    about me

    Sugar morning

    Visual artist and designer | Animator | Singer and voice actress

    Hello, welcome to my site!
    My name is Sugar Morning. I do arts for living. If you’re interested in my commissions, you can contact me on Derpibooru or you can reach out to me on Discord.

    All my links here :
    Sugar Morning's Linktree

    commission list

    All of my commissions are now managed by Bizarre Song, you can contact him via Twitter, Derpibooru, or Discord

    The prices in this list are base prices, the final price may vary depending on your commission complexity. For extras, check out extras tab on the bottom of this price list. If there's any question regarding the commission, please contact us.

    NB : Starting 1st January 2021, all commission prices will be in EUR (€)


    Headshot 10€
    Fullbody 15€

    Sugar Morning’s style sketch.
    + 10€ per additional headshot
    + 15€ per additional fullbody


    Fullbody 20€

    Sugar Morning’s style chibi
    + 15€ per additional characters

    cel shading

    Headshot 15€
    Fullbody 25€

    A drawing with cel shading
    + 10€ per additional headshot
    + 20€ per additional fullbody

    full shading

    Headshot 20€
    Fullbody 30€

    A drawing with full shading
    + 15€ per additional headshot
    + 25€ per additional fullbody

    reference sheet

    Starts from 30€

    Simple but fully functional, artist friendly reference sheet. It consists of 1 fullbody (showstyle or handdrawn), 1 color palette, and 1 cutie mark.

    + 10€ per additional headshot
    + 15€ per additional fullbody
    + Additional info might cost more


    Starts from 30€

    Frame by frame animation
    Price depends on complexity

    desktop pet

    Starts from 200$

    price will always be in USD

    Desktop pet is a character that roams around your desktop screen and it's customizable through animations and codes run by Java.


    + 10€ NSFW
    + 20€ anthro
    + Background price depends on complexity
    + Complicated design or accessories might cost more depends on complexity
    + Deadline under 7 days might cost more depends on complexity
    + 20€ timelapse video

    Terms and Conditions

    If you're reading this, it means you're probably interested in commissioning me, thank you! So there are some stuff you need to pay attention before commissioning me, hopefully this TOC can give you an idea of how I work


    I can draw anything but I specialize in drawing ponies. If it's not ponies, it probably won't be as good but definitely doable.
    If you need something but it doesn't exist on the commission list, feel free to contact me and let's see if I can help you.

    What I do

    What I don't do

    Suggestive & NSFW
    Original species
    Custom designs

    Equestria Girls
    Extreme fetishes
    Highly offensive contents


    1. Check out my price list.
    2. Check out my TOC.
    3. Prepare your ref sheets and desired requests. You need to have at least one drawing of your character as a guide, no matter how simple it is. New character design (or from text description) might cost more.
    4. Talk to Bizarre Song on Twitter, Derpibooru, or Discord
    5. Wait until the commission is finished, I don't really have estimation time but you can ask for updates.
    6. When it's done and you have made the payment, I will send you the high resolution drawing.

    other THINGS YOU want TO KNOW

    > I'm very introverted and it's difficult for me to talk to people, so it will be very appreciated if you're nice and polite. This is also a reason why my commission is managed by someone else.
    > No bribing or no guilt tripping. If you're blocked, I won't be accepting commissions from you again.
    > I put my heart in it in every art piece I made. I can work quite fast but to make sure I can provide you with the best result, please be patient.
    > I use multiple brushes for my arts. So if you don't like my style, don't commission me.
    > You're allowed to set deadlines.
    > Versions might cost more.
    > Your commission will be noted on my Trello immediately after we agree on a commission. If you don't see yours on the list, please inform me asap.
    > All payments are made upfront.
    > I only accept Paypal payments in EUR.
    > You can't ask for a refund once you've sent the payment, unless something happened and it doesn't let me finish your commission (eg. My laptop broke).
    > You can publish and share my commission results anywhere including printing and selling them. You are not allowed to sell my arts if you didn't commission them (this includes canon characters). If you make merchs and want to work together with me, please let me know.
    > You can ask me for more informations.





    reference sheet



    Need something? Just let us know right away!
    You can also reach out to us on my Derpibooru or Discord