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I can't thank all of you enough for your tremendous amount of support! In November 2023, I have married my bestest friend, Bizarre Song. Currently I'm trying to save up to finally settle down together with him. All commission status will be announced on my Discord Server and still managed by BizarreI have nothing else to say other than how grateful I am. I hope you would never get bored of my arts and I would be able to keep on creating better contents <3Art by DandyBouquet


price list


Headshot 15€
Fullbody 30€
+ 15€ per additional headshot
+ 25€ per additional fullbody


Headshot 25€
Fullbody 50€
+ 20€ per additional headshot
+ 45€ per additional fullbody


Price depends on
the complexity and length of the animation. Contact Bizarre to get the price quote.

extras and others

+ 30€ for NSFW pieces (according to the amount of characters, ex: 2 characters x 30€ = 60€ fee)
+ 30€ for anthro pieces (according to the amount of characters, ex: 2 characters x 30€ = 60€ fee)
Bipedal counts as feral, while it almost looks similar with anthro, anthro has fingers and bigger body proportion.For miscellaneous commissions such as coloring or outlining a sketch piece, designing a new character, reference sheets, custom order, etc. please contact Bizarre to get a price quote. I can do almost anything even though I don't mention it here. Prices may vary depending on the complexity.If you'd like to get commissions with our characters, we can give you discounts up to 30eur each!

The prices in this list are base prices, the final price may vary depending on the commission request or complexity. Below are the things that might affect the base price and might need a price quote. If there's any question, please contact Bizarre.

- Backgrounds
- Complicated or detailed designs
- Complicated or detailed accessories
- Close deadline (under 7 days)
- Alternative versions
- Commission types that aren't listed
- Other reasons that aren't listed


terms and conditions

what i do

Suggestive & NSFW
Original species
Custom designs

what i don't do

Equestria Girls
Extreme fetishes
Offensive contents

How to order a commission

1. Check out my price list.2. Check out my TOC.3. Prepare your references and desired requests. You need to have at least one drawing or picture of your character as a guide, no matter how simple it is. New character design or from text description will cost more.4. Talk to Bizarre about your commission, you can find his contacts on the contacts tab.5. After confirming the commission, Bizarre will then send you the payment info. PLEASE READ THE PAYMENT RULES BEFORE SENDING THE PAYMENT. We only accept payment through Paypal in EUR (€). If you send the wrong currency, we will refund and you can redo the payment. Giving tips will not make you a priority. If you need your commission to be done asap, please mention it beforehand.6. Wait until the commission is finished. You can ask for updates meanwhile. If your commission takes more than 2 months, please contact Bizarre as we might have missed your commission by accident.7. When it's done and you have made the payment, Bizarre will send you the high resolution drawing. Enjoy your commission!

other things you might want to know

  • I use multiple brushes for my arts and I often experiment and make improvements as time goes so my style is often inconsistent. Please don't commission me if you're looking for my old style or uncomfortable with this.

  • No bribing and no guilt tripping. If you're blacklisted, I won't be accepting commissions from you again.

  • You can't ask for a refund once I've started on your commission unless something happens and I can't finish it.

  • If you want your commission to be private, please let me know beforehand. Otherwise, I'm entitled to post your commission online without asking first. If you forget to inform me and would like me to take down the post, just let me know and I will grant your take down request.

  • You can publish and share my commission results anywhere including printing and selling them. You are not allowed to sell my arts if you didn't commission them (this includes canon characters). If you make merchs and want to work together with me, please let me know. You are NOT ALLOWED to put my arts as NFTs even if you commissioned it. If I find you do it anyway, you will be blacklisted.

  • If you're commissioning me to continue other artists' work (ex : coloring or outlining a sketch), please make sure that you already have the artists' permission. Any consequences caused will not be my responsibility.

  • Please be available! We've got some customers who don't reply to messages for weeks and blame it on us when we couldn't do their commissions and had to refund. We are not responsible for anything if you miss out on my limited stuff because of your own negligence.

  • You can ask Bizarre for more information that isn't listed here.


bizarre song

For personal, professional, and efficiency purposes, all of my commissions are managed by Bizarre Song, you can contact him via Twitter, Derpibooru, or Discord.Art by : SuperDuperAth


about me

Hello there!
My name is Sugar Morning. I've been creating pony arts since 2011 and professionally working as a full time artist, designer, and animator for more than 10 years.
I started my artist career as a way to earn a living but as time goes by, the desire to see people happy motivates me to keep making arts. I'm very grateful that a lot of people enjoy what I do and keep me sustained by doing something I like.Do mind that I'm have severe anxiety. That's why my commissions aren't taken care by myself. Although I don't like talking nor interacting with other people, I respect and love everyone who do the same to me.I also love good things in life, food and beverages, travelling, and trying new stuff.


sugar's taglist

If you don't want to miss out whenever I post new YCHs or open commissions, you might want to consider joining my taglist server. You don't have to be active since this server is mainly for tagging purposes. I will mention the roles you picked whenever I post something new. Make sure to read the rules upon joining!


fanarts and gifts

I'd be more than happy to receive gifts from you!
If you have something for me, feel free to tag me on my Twitter @itssugarmorning or Bizarre's Twitter @BizarreSong.
Otherwise, you can send it through Bizarre. Make sure to read the rules before getting anything!

Sugar's rules for
fanart or gifts

  • SFW only, you can draw her with your character but no shipping. You can only ship her with Bizarre Song.

  • Ask my permission through Bizarre if you want to do NSFW fanarts or gifts

  • Do not put her in political related drawing or things that might stir up drama.

Smooshie's rules for
fanart or gifts

  • SFW and NSFW are allowed but no extreme ones.

  • You can ship her with your characters but please let me know.

  • Do not put her in political related drawing or things that might stir up drama.

Bizarre's rules for
fanart or gifts

  • Ask my permission through Bizarre if you want to do any fanarts or gifts

  • SFW and NSFW, you can draw him with your character but no shipping. You can only ship him with Sugar Morning.

  • Do not put him in political related drawing or things that might stir up drama.